Saturday, January 02, 2016

Interstellar - Middle Aged Lady Movie Night

Happy New Year - Welcome to 2016.  The weather here has turned grey and rainy after over a week of hot sunshine, the garden is glad for a soaking, and it is nice not to feel guilty about sitting inside on the couch.  New Year was a quiet one for this middle aged lady, I had strained my back the week before, and it needed a bit of resting, so I was glad to be at home and took the chance to watch Interstellar.

It needs a few hours set aside for this one - it is close to 3 hours long.  It was ok - Matthew McConaughey  is not my favorite actor, he always mumbles his way through a job and looks a bit sweaty and in need of a sandwich.  Anways, he plays an ex NASA pilot, who is trying to help his family farm, but the earth is slowly dying, drying out and sending huge dust storms which are destroying crops.  So old Matthew and Anne Hathaway are sent off to save the planet, via a few wormholes and twists and turns.

Normally I would like to see such a movie in the cinema, as space films are usually best on the biggest screen you can get, but my roster didn't manage to fit this one in last year.  The space scenes were majestic and I did appreciate their restraint in limiting the amount of cgi images.  It made it a bit more real. This middle aged lady prefers real over blue aliens, 50 minute fight scenes or flying spiders - yes I am looking at you Mr Jackson.

I did get to the end of the movie, and my recording stopped short, not allowing me to watch the last 15 minutes of the film, but thank goodness for Youtube, where I found the last part, so was able to sleep knowing how it ended.  3/5

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