Sunday, January 03, 2016

Girl in the Woods - Aspen Matis

 After being raped by a another student on her second night at college the author, Aspen Matis finds herself questioning what she is doing in Colorado.  So she packs up her stuff and heads for the Pacific Crest Trail, a 2,600 mile trek from Mexico to Canada.  Like 'Wild' the author deals with her issues along the way as well as having to deal with blisters, heat, cold, hunger, thirst and threats from other walkers.

Although it does seem like it would be a way to escape the world and find yourself, I could see how horrible I would find it before I had finished the first couple of chapters.  Sleeping in tents without a sleeping pad, no shower or washing most days, drinking water from ponds/streams or containers with a dead mouse in it - not for me thanks.  I do like to read these books though and the author did well in bringing the hike alive for me. 4/5

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