Sunday, May 01, 2016

Miss You Already

After a day out doing jobs and meeting a good friend, it seemed like a good chance to have a quiet evening at home, and now I am a middle aged lady I am quite happy to sit at home and relax.  So with the curtains drawn and some candles lit, I logged into the apple TV to pick a movie.  The one I really wanted to see was Jurassic World, but that wasn't available to rent only to buy, and there was no way I was spending $20 on that.  So the second choice was Miss You Already.

This movie was about a friendship between two girls, Milly (Toni Colette) and Jess (Drew Barrymore), who met while young, and now grown up have to deal with Milly getting sick and Jesses fertility issues.   There was lots to like about this movie, I liked the main actors were 40 year olds, playing 40 year olds with age appropriate husbands (handsome Dominic Cooper and Paddy Constantine).  I like a good girls story, and that theirs was one that stood the test of time.

Somehow though it felt a bit flat after watching it.  Much as the girls were good, I felt like they didn't really gel, that they weren't quite right as friends and I just wasn't convinced.  I think for me that Toni Colette didn't convince me as an English rose, I was thinking Kiera Knightly would have been more of right actress for the role - sorry Toni.


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John Bellen said...

It shows how much is needed for a successful movie - the right actors, right director, right script, even the right music. I wondered when I was young how a film could win an award for best director and not be 'best picture'; now, I understand.

Some actors, as good as they may be, simply cannot portray certain characters. One wonders how much goes with what the face conveys or whether an actors personality and background can really be hidden by a character.