Monday, May 09, 2016

Reckless - Chrissie Hynde

Chrissie Hynde has spent almost forty years being the lead singer and songwriter of the group The Pretenders.  This memoir  follows the usual patterns, with the majority of the book spent on the growing up and early twenties.  I found she had an unusual style to her writing, that settled in after the first few chapters.  So after mucking round at school, she left to a life of basically mucking round.  There is lots and lots of drugs, and lots of what seem like unsuitable men and bad decisions which all left me thinking that she was lucky to be alive.

With lots of rock encounters with David Bowie, Rod Stewart, Sid and Nancy, The Clash and the Sex Pistols, Chrissie Hynde finds a true love affair with both the UK and performing, but in this book the band only takes up the last few chapters almost like she was afraid to talk about anything in her life that happened in the past twenty years - or maybe there is a second memoir being written. 3/5

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