Sunday, May 22, 2016


A Friday night in, and a movie was to be selected to be watched, so I chose this one.  Going in I had low expectations, and these were met - I wasn't expecting Oscar worthy drama and could do with a giggle.  And a couple of giggles is what I got, no real belly laughs, because you know what is coming.  Mum and Dad are selling the family home to move to an aged retirement center.  Nerdy sister and loser sister reunite to have one last party at the family home and hilarity ensues.

Just like television comedy seems to be dominated by the dumbed down situation comedys spewed forth by Chuck Lorre and gang, comedy movies are taken over by the Judd Apatow formulaic gang of writers who are  amused by their 19 year old selves, even though they are all in their forties wearing elastic pants.  So I wasn't expecting anything magical/clever or witty and my expectations were met.  Back to the corsets and period dramas.  2/5

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