Tuesday, July 19, 2016

It Was Me All Along - Andie Mitchell

Andie Mitchell writes about what it is to have lived most of her life as the fat girl, and how as an adult she realized that she was ebbing towards 300 pounds. Deciding she needed to change her body, she chose to make some drastic changes.  After losing a lot of weight she found new challenges and still struggled to accept herself.

Finding herself beginning to enjoy food again, she started a blog and found a new career as a food blogger, and I guess it is from there that this book got written.  I liked this memoir and could empathize with the little girl rejected and made fun of because of her size.  People do think that it is fine to bully and talk about someone who is fat, in a way that they would not if it were any other issue that a person was dealing with. 3/5

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John Bellen said...

Yes, there are certain acceptable things in society that shouldn't be. I've seen even on the vastly superficial sites such as Yahoo, in between the story about Kim Kardashian's latest picture of herself and an article about war atrocities, there will be something on how being overweight shouldn't be a big deal - and it's right next to a celebration of how someone lost fifty pounds and looks so much better...