Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Marlene - C.W. Gortner

From the first page I was sucked into this story of Marlene Dietrich - who we meet as a young girl living in Berlin with her mother and sister, learning the violin.  We follow her to the decadent Berlin Clubs and cabarets, to her career in film, arriving in 1930s Hollywood where she becomes the highest paid female star.

Although I knew a little about Marlene, the author bought Marlene alive for me and I felt like I could picture her in her sparkling gowns and her mens suits and top hats.  I could see the glamorous salons and lounging at the beach on the South of France.

Mainly focused on her early years, I did learn more about Marlene and her working during the war entertaining the troops and although it didn't cover much further, a quick documentary on youtube filled in the gaps.  C.W Gortner is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. 5/5

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