Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Love, Loss and What We Ate - Padma Lakshmi

I really only knew Padma Lakshmi from hosting Top Chef on the television, and she seemed like an interesting woman.  After a career modeling, and doing a bit of acting, she then wrote a cookbook and ended up on the cooking show.  In this book we get to hear about growing up in India, then in the US with her single mother, before she headed to Europe for her modeling career.  A lot of the book is then dedicated to her relationships, as it was all a bit complicated when she had her daughter.

Somehow though I could sense that her story didn't seem complete, their seemed to be some sort of holding back and that it didn't seem to have a sense of joy, even though she comes across as a very smart and spiritual person who loves her family, traveling, and eating.   Maybe the story just seemed a little bit sad, and maybe focused more on loss rather than love. 3/5

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