Friday, November 04, 2016

Coming Soon - Films I'd Like to See

I read the book this movie is based on some time ago, it was touching and sad at the same time but ultimately a story about love, and how the love of this ginger cat helped the owner through his addiction and onto living a normal life.  The trailer looks great and I saw the pictures of the Duchess dressed up as she went to see the premiere and got to make Bob purr.

I am also looking forward to The Arrival a sci fi thriller that looks like my cup of tea.  I like to be a bit scared in the cinema on the big screen.  Amy Adams is a favorite too, and I like that it looks like she is the lead character in the movie.

This one looks a bit quirky, but the trailer made me smile.  I am sure most of us remember being a socially awkward 15 year old, not a child but not quite an adult.

Any films you are looking forward to?


John Bellen said...

There aren't any films I'm looking forward to, but "The Arrival" sounds interesting. I saw a movie about aliens called "The Arrival" some years ago, and it was good. I don't believe this new one has any connection to that. This new one does sound good.

John Gray said...

Like john the arrival looks good to me....this movie may be a bit dissapointing .......if it was a dog, id cry buckets