Sunday, November 13, 2016

Middle Aged Lady Night In - Mr Turner

This middle aged lady needed a night on the couch.  It was a busy day working and she always feels slightly miffed when she has to work and everybody else gets a sleep in.  The reward for working though is that there are the next two days off to relax.  So I rushed home from work and did a couple of chores before reheating some leftovers and settling down on the couch.  I do make it sound like this is an occasional experience , but lately it has been how most of my evenings are spent and there is a big middle aged dent in the couch.

I had wanted to see this one at the cinema some time ago, but for various reasons I did not and was pleased to see that it was showing tonight on TV.  I can see why critics loved it, a biopic about the talented artist J W Turner in the later years of his life.  It is a most marvelous performance by Timothy Spall, and the supporting cast just all play such wonderful characters.  I love that it is peppered with plain middle aged spinsters, pompous toffs, cheap tarts, and a collection of various other artists all competing to  sell their art.  I was lucky enough to spend a couple of years living in London in my twenties and I loved visiting the art galleries and museums and was lucky enough to see a few of his amazing paintings.  Now as I am older I can see that in a time before photographs, just how talented these artists were a preserving a scene, a moment in time and making it still beautiful decades and centuries later.

It was  a little long for me, but still a very worthy 4/5.

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John Bellen said...

I like movies that give character actors a chance to shine in their own right. Spall is one of the many many talented actors who almost always do a good job, even in bad movies, though this one sounds like a winner. The funny thing is, though, that I've never cared for Turner's style of painting...