Monday, November 21, 2016

Lights Out

So I let the 20 years old choose the movie when they visited.  I haven't watched a horror in ages, as being a middle aged lady living alone I don't really need any excuse to stay awake at night.  I used to remember loving horrors in my twenties, so I understand the attraction.

In this one Rebecca, and her boyfriend and young brother Martin are trying to deal with mother Sophies deteriorating mental health and are being tormented by an evil woman that only appears when the lights go out.  Chasing, screaming and blood ensues.

It was ok as far as that kind of thing goes, just not my kind of deal.  Now the things that keep me awake are the thought of having to stay in the same job another 20 years, worrying about the bills and the thought of affording retirement.


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John Bellen said...

"Horror" movies today are pretty obvious to me. The directors are usually amateurish and I can see the scares coming. I like logic in my stories, even - perhaps especially - in horror stories, and most today don't have it. They substitute gore for fright, too. I generally stay away from them for those reasons.