Friday, May 11, 2018

Middle Aged Lady Movie Night - Churchill

This is one of the recent Churchill movies that have graced the cinema in the past few years.  It is Brian Cox playing the British PM with Miranda Richardson playing his loving wife.  This movie looks at the few days before Operation Overlord, the Allied Invasion of Normandy that helped to end the war in Europe.  It portrays the leader as the complex man that I am sure he was.  Weighed down with responsibility, trying to use keep spirits up when the situation is dire, moody and aging I think the movie does a fair job of trying to portray all of these things in the hour and 44 minutes of the movie.

I guess I am getting old, as there is a generation of youngsters growing up who would not be familiar with Churchill and history, and I guess movies like this are more palatable than the documentaries many of us grew up on. Solid performances and lovely scenery, but ever so slightly dull - 3/5


John Bellen said...

It'd be interesting to compare this one with Albert Finney's portrayal of a few years back, showing a slightly younger, and probably more energetic Churchill when he was just recalled to a cabinet office at the start of the War. I sometimes get Finney and Cox mixed up anyway!

sallyhicks said...

I really enjoyed The Gathering Storm. What a complex , clever and interesting person Churchill was. He tried so hard to beat his “black dog”.
How he painted and even built a wall of bricks joining the brick layers union and talked his thought out loud about his pigs. He may have made a few mistakes but who. In the world hasn’t. He is a man I greatly admire. Those wonderful uplifting speeches compared to Twitter.