Tuesday, May 08, 2018

The Flight Attendant - Chris Bohjalian

Cassandra Bowden is living the life, a flight attendant living in New York and travelling to Europe on flights.  However she has her issues, maybe drinking a bit too much and picking up random guys.  When she wakes up in a Dubai hotel room after a big bender, she finds that the passenger she had gone to meet, dead in the bed beside her.

Right from the start I was sucked into this story and wasn't sure where it would it go.  I looked forward to being able to sit down and read a few pages.   5/5


sallyhicks said...

Sounds like one I would enjoy. Will ring my library. Thanks.

John Bellen said...

The beginning sounds like a number of other stories - I think Jane Fonda was in a film with such a premise. Evidently what followed in the book was excellent.