Saturday, May 05, 2018

Middle Aged Lady Movie Night - Downsizing

It is a cool windy autumn night here in the city, and for this middle aged lady, I am happy to be home as it gets dark.  Dinner was easy and after a couple of shows I thought I would watch Downsizing.  I had seen the trailer and it looked like an interesting one.

Paul and his wife are a bit tired of working the same old job and never getting ahead, not being able to afford their dream home.  A new experiment has now enabled scientists in Norway to be able to shrink people down, allowing for a more sustainable planet as people take up less space and use less resources.  In a minature world, a few hundred thousand dollars allows people to lead a millionaire lifestyle living in mansions with much more leisure time.  Life though will never be quite the system.

I did enjoy a lot of the movie, but it was a bit long and slow.  Luckily Matt Damon is always worth watching, especially as he reaches his own middle age.  3/5


John Bellen said...

It sounds like a silly premise, yet one that has promise. I agree that Damon usually provides a very watchable performance, and his choice of roles is varied.

sallyhicks said...

Sounds creepy to me but then I don’t like science fiction. I loved it when I was 12/13 but sad say I like to stay in the present.
I have been having dreams of being a a child in Russia and also one of an identical twin in 1950 but I put it down to the trauma of getting my tooth out with no painless. Thinking am still in shock