Thursday, June 14, 2018

Dogs With Jobs - Laura Greaves

I picked this one up of the shelves and was charmed by all the stories of the varieties of jobs that these dogs do around the world.  From assistance jobs, working in hospices, on board boats to working in airports Dogs have proven themselves as hard working assistants to the people who care for them and in some instances are life savers saving their people from danger or alerting others to when they need life saving medical care. I couldn't help but smile as I read the stories and looked at the pictures. 3/5


sallyhicks said...

Sounds a great book. I enjoy sometimes watching the police dogs and customs dogs. They are so enthusiastic and wanting to please their owners. I new a couple years ago and the police dog when at home had to be keep in a large grassed area at the back of the house and the gate was padlocked. It was definitely a one man dog. Not even the wife could go in without the husband and yet they look so friendly with their masters.

John Bellen said...

They sure know their business, that's for sure. Most are probably better paid than I, too.