Friday, June 08, 2018

Middle Aged Lady Movie Night In - Get Out

Chris is a young African Ameriacan photographer who is heading home with his white girlfriend Rose to meet her parents and brother in this little thriller/horror movie.  From the first day of arriving in the house things feel odd for Chris, from the odd questions from the parents to the strange housekeeper and groundsman.  Poor Chris this isn't looking like it is going to end well?

I quite like a little thriller and this one kept me guessing, even though I was reading the Wikipedia entry while watching it.  Then I thought to just put down the computer and watch the movie, even though it was beginning to scare me.  I hope I sleep tonight.  4/5

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sallyhicks said...

You are definitely young at heart. When I was young I adored being scared to bits by a good movie. Now I can’t think of anything worse. The last good thriller I went to see was with my daughter many years ago. It was the Dutch version of The Vanishing. Definitely the best version. When we got home we were checking out the wardrobes etc. I don’t think my heart would stand that now. 😈 💀🙀