Friday, September 16, 2011

A Greater Love - Olga Watkins

A Greater Love - Olga Watkins (2011)

So this one seemed a bit of a smaller read, after trawling through several bricks lately.  Several nights of coughing have left me with very limited sleep, and rather than trying to get back to the zzzzs, it was easier to sit up and read.

Hmmm, I'm not so sure of the front review that calls this "The Greatest Untold Love Story of World War Two", for me a bit of an exageration, as it was more a love story of the time.  Olga is just 20 when the Gestapo seize her fiance, and she sets off to find him, not expecting to end up in several concentration camps in her search.  One has to admire the risks she took to find Julius, without any help from her family and searching on her own, things could have turned badly at so many turns. 

Then when things seem to be settling down after the war, more changes occur and they are lost to each other again.  Stories like this one, always make me wonder how I would cope in similar circumstances, would I take risk, cross borders, work for Nazis, run from border guards - who knows? It was nice though to know that she did finally find some happiness in her life, after such a tough start. 3/5

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