Thursday, September 22, 2011

Night Waking - Sarah Moss

Night Waking - Sarah Moss (2011)

Anna is a historian, researching childhood in Victorian times for her book, which she is writing on an isolated Island off the Scottish coast.  Her ecologist husband is busy counting puffins during the day, while Anna struggles to balance her career with caring for her two children.  They are also renovating a cottage to hire out and host families.

With barely any sleep, I felt like stepping in and shaking this mother and as she is woken every night in the early hours by her two year old son Moth.  You can feel the tension, and I began to wonder if she would harm the children, as that wasn't the sort of novel I wanted to continue reading.  Instead though the family find the body of a young baby buried in the garden, and they begin to wonder who it belonged to, delving into the family history and further clues come forward when they find a bunch of letters over a hundred years old hidden in the house.

3/5 - poor woman, living with that family.

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