Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Meeting Point - Lucy Caldwell

The Meeting Point - Lucy Caldwell (2011)

Euan and Ruth are young and married, and living on the family farm in Ireland on a farm with their toddler daughter Anna.  They leave the green to head for Bahrain, where Euan will take on missionary work.  This leaves Ruth and Anna at home at their compound.  She makes friends with Noor, a teenager with a troubled past, who offers to babysit while her cousin Farid shows Ruth around.

As her marriage begins to falter, Ruth and Farid spend more time together, which doesn't go unnoticed by those around them.  Noor babysits more often, and begins to imagine a new life, living in Ireland with her new friends, while Euan risks all by sneaking into Saudi.

It was an interesting look into a country that I know nothing about, although I did find Euan and Ruth a little niave, not really understanding the culture of  the new country they are living in.  3/5

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