Monday, May 05, 2014

The Invisible Woman

It was a bleak windy and wet day here in the capital city.  Nothing like a little sleep in on your day off, so I pottered round at home for the morning, but was determined to head out for the afternoon.  I promised myself I could go to the cinema, as long as I headed to the local hair salon first to make an appointment for Friday.  Choosing a new salon or hair dresser feels a little like making a first date - a little scary, but exciting.

So there were only five of us in the little arthouse cinema, which was fine as I got a couch to myself.  This movie is the story of Ellen Turnan, his mistress who he met when he was 45 and she was only 18, after being employed to be an actress in one of his plays.  The movie is told in flash back form, as we meet her older and married and running a boys school, she tells her friends that she only knew Charles Dickens as a child, hiding her history with him.

Although quite serious and a bit slow, for me, I enjoyed the movie.  I love the British costume dramas, all the interiors felt right, the scenery was lovely and in this one the dresses, hair styles and bonnets were awesome.  So very pretty, but lived in and not over done in garish Hollywood approximations.

For me - a 4/5.

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