Monday, May 19, 2014

Mrs Sinclair's Suitcase - Louise Walters

Roberta works in a second hand bookstore, and finds herself collecting the bits and bobs left behind in the old books they buy and sell, letters and postcards.  When she is given a suitcase by her father, she finds a lost letter to her grandmother, by the her grandfather dated after he was meant to have died in the war.

So the story spins back to Dorothea in a loveless marriage, and left to find her own way through the war.  Childless and lonely, she is visited by a Polish squadron leader, after one of his crew crashes in the field and is killed behind her house.  

So although I might have been seduced into reading this book by looking at the cover (who doesn't love a pile of old books?), the story was enough to interest me and to enjoy the book.  4/5

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Mr Puddy said...

My mom just got this book too
Thank you for the review :)

Happy Reading !