Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bones of the Lost - Kathy Reichs

I keep thinking that I will shelve the Dr Brennan series, as I have lost the love.  I can't bear the tv series which rolls out the same premise week after week, with only a shred of science thrown in and a see through plot.

When I picked up this book and started it, it had potential, the beginning kept me interested but by about half way through, I just became a bit confused about where it was all leading, and disinterested in what happened.  I can't believe that a Forensic doctor would go off investigating a case by herself, in the middle of abandoned alleyways and carparks.  Hasn't she learnt?  Especially after seeming to be kidnapped/attacked/drugged in the past 15 books?  It just doesn't ring true sadly, as I feel Kathy Reichs is a good writer and I am sure has a huge body of material from her job, the books are becoming too formulaic for me and it is the author that is becoming lost.  3/5.

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