Friday, May 30, 2014

The Train to Warsaw - Gwen Edelman

So this one was propped up in the new arrivals at the main library.  I read the cover, and really wasn't going to pick up another book, as I had a huge pile at home awaiting me.  I suffer terribly from book guilt, knowing that I probably spend too much time watching the television instead of reading, and should read more.  Still I managed to get it read overnight, which relieved my troubled mind immensely.  The thought of an impending long weekend made me feel better too, another day to sleep in and read in bed.

Jascha and Lilka are living in London, forty years after their escape from the Warsaw Ghetto in 1942.   Jascha, an author receives an invitation to do a reading in Warsaw, and this sees them on a journey back to the city they thought they would not see again.  Bringing back memories of their childhoods and family and friends they lost, this short novel is moving and brutal at the same time.

Although touching, somehow I felt a bit cheated reading this book, as somehow it did seem to brush over several areas, and I wanted to know more about their lives.  I couldn't quite believe in  the characters and picture them in my mind.  3/5

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