Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Me After You - Lucie Brownlee

Lucie and her husband Mark are making love at her mothers house, when he collapses on the pillow.  An ambulance is called, but at age 37 her husband dies.  So we get to join Lucie, and their young daughter B, as they try to adjust to his sudden death and how they continue on without him.

I do enjoy this type of memoir, a touch of real life.  Grieving I think must have been easier in the Victorian age when you wore black for a year and everyone knew what had happened to you.  You could shut yourself away and withdraw from the world.  Now we find ourselves in a world where grieving is not discussed, even though it will touch most of us many times in our lives.

Lucie does a good job of being real, and she is lucky to have the support of family and friends to help her through her tough times.  4/5

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