Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Anchoress - Robyn Cadwallader

In 1255, seventeen year old Sarah chooses to become an anchoress, a type of holy woman.  Walled off into a small room adjacent to the church, she is tended by two women who keep her informed about the goings on locally.  A priest is allocated to hear her confession, and she is meant to spend her time in solitude praying and being of service to God.

It is hard to imagine a world where as a teenager,this would be one of your choices, rather than being married off to a man of your families choosing.  After being traumatized by seeing her loved sister die in childbirth, Sarah does not have many other choices and instead commits herself to be sealed in a cell that is nine paces by seven paces.

I really wanted this book to wow me - but I felt a bit flat after reading it.  The cover with the bird is beautiful, and I wanted more than I got from the story.   3/5

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