Saturday, May 30, 2015

My Life in Houses - Margaret Forster

This is indeed a charming little book.  Author Margaret Forster writes about each of the houses she has lived in over the years, telling us not only about the dwellings, but about the years of her life.  The homes she grew up in, the house with a live in tenant that they lived in when first married, the tax haven in Portugal, the cottage in the lake district and the London house that has been mostly home for the past few decades.

It did make me want to figure out how many houses I have lived in - only 25, which seemed a lot to me when I had lived in one place for 8 years, and another for 10 years.  So many moves.  Each has their own story, their own characters involved with them and each holds different memories, most of which I enjoyed, but some I would dread to live in again.


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