Sunday, November 29, 2015

Home is Burning - Dan Marshall

Dan is a bit of a self centered chappie.  Living in LA, at 25 he finds himself being called back to the family home in Utah to look after his parents.  His mother has been living with cancer, when his fit marathon running father is diagnosed with ALS.  With his siblings, Dan returns to help in the care giving of his parents and to help with his two younger sisters.

Part of me wanted to applaud Dan - he does a great job of helping his father out, stepping up when needed to help with basic cares and then more complicated chores as his father becomes progressively worse.  The other part of me wanted to give him a kick up the backside for being a spoiled, foul mouthed rich kid who needed to grow up.  There is a lot of swearing and jokes about sex, and I guess as a middle aged lady I am not the target audience for the manboy humor.  Still underneath that, this is a story about family, and what you do for love. 3/5

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