Saturday, November 21, 2015


Oh Mr Bond, we do so love you, Daniel Craig wears you well in his tight little suits, although in the chair the pants were a bit too tight, it might have given him a bit of a camel look, not the look Saville Row was going for.

Us middle aged ladies did wonder if the producers/writers just set about making five action scenes, then joined it together with some random story line, as we found there wasn't much of a story.  We do get that there isn't meant to be much but it came across as too much style and not much substance.

We do wonder about what 20 year old writer got to write the love scenes?  How you made marvelous Monica come across as corny and cheesy with lots of huffing and puffing but somehow not sexy.  Just panting up against a mirror after a funeral is not the stuff of middle aged ladies dreams anyway.

We didn't get your new girlfriend choice either?  She seems like a bit of a wimpy choice. There seemed like zilch chemistry, you looked old enough to be her father and there was no witty banter.  Basically we decided she wasn't slutty enough, and we are old and grey haired, but gosh she was boring.

Anyway we hope you get to have a nice holiday and rest up, eat some carbs and  party with your closest friends.  You must be pretty tired after all that running about.  Put on your track pants, grab and beer and watch some Game of Thrones.  You'll like it - everybody dies.  3/5

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