Sunday, November 22, 2015

Message to My Girl - Dr Jared Noel

I first heard of Jared Noel as he was being interviewed on NZ tv, on his experience of being in his twenties and diagnosed with bowel cancer.  We got to see further updates,and read his blog as his journey continued with 40+ rounds of chemo and more operations.  Working as a junior doctor in Auckland, we got to meet his young wife and lots of kiwis who he hadn't met, donated thousands of dollars to help him have an expensive chemo that would hopefully allow him some time to meet his unborn daughter.

In this book, he is interviewed by the author for 12 sessions in the final weeks of his life, where he talks about all the things that are important in his life, his faith,friends, his career - but most importantly his family and his young daughter that he has got to spend precious time with.  4/5

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