Friday, November 20, 2015

The Age of Adaline

After a few weeks of shift Middle Aged Lady Movie  Night is back on track.  Instead of surcoming to the horrid shows broadcast on free people tv here in NZ or the usual rerecorded shows, I decided to make Friday night at home at least a little special.  Apple tv makes it easy to download recent movies for a semi reasonable price and with the washing done, the candles lit it is time to sit back on the couch and relax.

The Age of Adaline is the story of Adaline, born in 1908 who after an accident, never ages beyond her twenty nine years.  Looking fabulous of course, it becomes hard for her as every few decades she needs to reinvent herself and find a new identity and life.  Every time she falls in love she finds herself having to walk away, rather than having to be involved and share her secret.

Blake Lively is a beautiful creature and does a stellar job in this movie, I loved the styling of her outfits, how they continued with the vintage vibe and that she could be intelligent, witty and smart as well as gorgeous.

A great idea, I like a little time shifting/romance sort of story - I just wasn't wowed by this one.  There was a bit of a disconnect for me, maybe not enough emotional moments to make me love it.  I wanted more glimpses of a life lost, as the decades slipped away from her, and maybe moments of joy that she must have felt.  Maybe a cliche, but the things one would have seen being 107 years old and being that beautiful.  3/5

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