Friday, September 16, 2016

Dinner With Edward - Isabel Vincent

Isabel Vincent is a journalist who works in New York at a challenging job, and is finding life at home difficult as her marriage unravels.  Her friend Veronica asks if she can meet her 90+ year old father, who has been recently widowed and is lonely.  So begins a series of dinners and drinks where Edward cooks and bakes and they share stories about their lives and gradually become friends.

This was a lovely little book that made me hungry hearing about all the fancy food that he cooked although I would be  a bit of a rookie with the strong cocktails they shared.  The recipes seemed a bit overly complicated with lots of overnight marinades and truffles, not quite my style.  In the end though it wasn't all about the food, the book was a sweet story about not giving up on love and you never know how friendships will blossom and grow. 4/5

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John Bellen said...

A ninety year old man was cooking complicated meals like that, and I have only got so far as using a slow-cooker? Well, good for him. It's nice to know that he was still enjoying his interests at such an age.