Saturday, September 10, 2016


I guess I should start by saying that as a middle aged lady I know that I am thirty years older than the target audience for this movie, and that any of my comments will be totally dismissed by most.  I also had it playing in the background while I looked at the computer while I was home on a sick day feeling poorly, so my muddled brain may have missed quite a lot of the intended nuances.

From what I have seen in the young adult book section at the store and library it is filled with vampire and dystopian novels, this comes from research I have done while searching for presents for family and friends kids.  I am not a fan of youth fiction or comic book stories, but  I had recorded this one as it was on poor peoples free tv, so thought I would give it a go.

So in this movie we get a futuristic Chicago which after a war has divided the population into five factions.  Tris   An aptitude test that should dictate which group she should belong to, shows that she has characteristics for a few of them, which makes her a divergent.  Divergents are considered dangerous by the government, so she has to learn to conceal her abilities in order to survive.

So she gets lots of tight leather outfits, gets to run a lot, do some fighting, jump and then run some more.  There doesn't appear to be a lot of sweating and lots of fabulous hair.  You can tell who the baddies are because they scowl a lot and there are some lovely looking manboys as love interest, but you know who the true love is - he will be the one looking like he has stepped off the catwalk.

Like all good movies, you have to Wikipedia it to find out how much it made and this one made a whopping $288 million, so you know that the rest of the books in the movie will then be make into more spin off movies.  I don't think I will be booking a seat at the cinema to see any more - I'll save it for the teenagers it was intended for.  2/5


Fuzzy Tales said...

I remember hearing a bit of the hype around the movie. In truth, I thought it was this year or last, then I Googled and saw it had been in the theatres in 2014. Oops. I've lost one to two years somehow.

I give you full marks for watching it, I don't think I could sit through even 15 minutes. I'm sure I'd have felt differently decades ago, though. :-)

John Bellen said...

I suspect this is a series of movies / books that its fans will look back at in ten years and be embarrassed that they liked it. I'm pretty sure this one was created in response to "The Hunger Games" series: a bad rip-off of mediocre films.