Thursday, September 08, 2016

Sleeper's Castle - Barbara Erskine

Andys partner of 10 years dies, and his wife reappears to throw her out of their house leaving her with no belongings and homeless.  Retreating to the Welsh borderlands she takes over a friends home, the ancient Sleeper's Castle.  Here she begins to have vivid dreams of Catrin who occupied the castle with her father in the 1400s, a time when the Welsh and English were fighting for control.

I did like this one, it felt like a step back into Barbara Erskines earlier novels of 3o years ago and I liked both of the main characters as they were both tough and sensitive.  It was a bit too long and a tad repetitive in the middle, but I enjoyed curling up on the cold evenings and getting sucked into the story. 4/5


John Bellen said...

I love the title.

Kea said...

All these years I've been following Poppy and I had no idea you have another blog! I found out via John Bellen!