Sunday, January 01, 2017

Happy New Year - Hello 2017

The New Year arrived here with a dreary rainy day with 120km winds, a perfect day to stay in and sit on the couch with a book and watch movies.

I had meant to see 45 Years at the cinema but managed to miss it, but the Apple store had it at 99 cents, much more affordable than the $19 ticket I would have to have paid.  I think this year I will save my pennies and only be going to the cinema for special movies with friends.

This tells a story of an older couple about to celebrate their wedding anniversary when a letter arrives for the husband, forcing them to discuss secrets long hidden.  Great performances from Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtney.  4/5

Happy New Year  and heres to lots of good reads and entertaining movies.

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Angela said...

I knew nothing about this film, so I looked it up. Fascinated to find the main characters live in Norfolk and they are planning a special meal in the Assembly Rooms in Norwich. For 3 yrs in the 1960s I took part in the Norfolk County Festival of Spoken English, reading my poetry there, back when I was a schoolgirl. Now I shall have to track this film down for myself. Thanks for reviewing it. Happy New Year, love and blessings