Sunday, January 22, 2017


Another rainy day in the city, and it was feeling like mid winter as I put on my boots and rain jacket.  Still it was nice to get out and meet a friend for some food and a movie.

I had seen the shorts for Lion a few times.   Sarno is a small 5 year old boy from a small Indian village, living with his mum, younger sister and big brother.   When they become separated how will he find his way back?

Dev Patel does a great job as the grown up Sarno, but it is the young Sunny Pawar who for me is amazing in this movie who steals the show.  I didn't need tissues but there were a couple of tears building up.  Be sure to stay till the end too, as the last few minutes are important.   5/5

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John Bellen said...

I've not heard of this one. Does New Zealand get more Indian movies due to its location?