Thursday, January 05, 2017


So over the staycation there was time to catch up and finish some shows stuck on the DVR.  I really enjoyed Victoria, a fictional drama of the early years of Queen Victoriasreign from when she was made Queen to the birth of her first child.

It is interesting to see how the people surrounding her tried to manipulate her to their own advantage, but how even at a young age she seemed to make good choices.  The show also focused on the romance between her and Prince Albert which I think I often forget about when you think of Queen Victoria.   It is hard to forget the image of an older large woman in her mourning outfits, and think of her as a young woman in love.

I think that they are making a second series which I look forward to.  4/5

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John Bellen said...

I haven't seen this series, but am interested in the early days of Queen Victoria. She did have some excellent advisers including Baron von Stockmar and Lord Melbourne, and her uncle, Leopold, as well as Wellington and Beaconsfield, her favourite prime minister. I don't know if they showed it in this series, but the young Victoria was less 'Victorian' than was Albert. He had suffered with a bad family as a youngster and believed that the Royal Family should set an example for the nation, while Victoria had grown up with a different atmosphere and was more willing to tolerate bad behaviour.

We get too accustomed to the stereotypes presented and forget the people in reality. That's why I love reading about history.