Saturday, May 27, 2017

The Hippopotamus

The Hippopotamus is based on the same named 1994 novel written by Stephen Fry.  Ted Wallace is a poet who hasn't written any poems since 1984, and now has been fired from his critics job.  A fan of a good whiskey, he escapes to the country to visit his godsons family after he is given a task to seek the truth behind some rumors.

Although there is an eccentric group of characters and a smattering is witty jokes, this movie was a bit of  a let down.  Both myself and the friend I went with managed to nod off in the warm cinema, so that may have contributed to our difficulty in following the story.  Sadly only a 2/5.


sallyhicks said...

What a shame. Stephen Fry is so clever. Perhaps his book is better than the film.

John Bellen said...

So much can go wrong between a book and its movie adaptation. If you nodded off, it probably wasn't just the warmth and the dark.