Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Missing Series 2

The Missing series 2 centers around Alice Webster, who disappears from a British garrison based in Germany in 2003.  Her parents Gemma and Sam struggle to carry on with life and are shopping ked when a young girl turns up and collapses in town, claiming to be their lost daughter.

Meanwhile French  detective Julien Baptiste is still on the trail of missing French girl Sophie Giroux, who disappeared at the same time.  Unwell and retired from the police he is convinced there is a connection, and travels to Iraq and Germany to find clues to what happened to her.

So a bunch of great actors - I like David Morrissey and Keely Hawes who play the parents and a good story.   There were a lot of characters though and the shifting timeliness did get me a bit muddled at times.  I also felt a bit flat after the series, it's all a bit grim with little joy.  I like my UK dramas with a little bit of humor or fun to balance it out.  3/5

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John Bellen said...

Unrelenting moroseness can be a bit discouraging. I hear enough of that in the news, I think...