Sunday, May 07, 2017

Walks With My Dog

Being on a tight budget I cannot afford such fripperies as Sky tv, so have to search the channels that free TV offers to find some quality shows, where documentaries are hidden at odd hours.  Anyways I have found this BBC one Walks With My Dog.  On each show a couple of UK celebs take you on a little walk round a part of the UK.  The scenery is delicious and they talk to some interesting folks on their journey.

It is relaxing watching and makes me feel zen and with a deep yearning for a little scruffy dog and a worn khaki jacket. 5/5


sallyhicks said...

I am going to look on utube for that as we don't have sky either. I saw one on tv and did enjoy it so will start my search right now.utube Thanks for that.

John Bellen said...

It's nice that there are options on television - or the internet - to the usual comic book tv shows. Something nice and relaxing is great.