Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Believe Me - Yolanda Hadid

Yolanda Hadid was one of those women who I saw on a housewives show, but didn't pay much attention too, especially as her presence wasn't around much due to her being ill.  In this book she talks about that health journey due to having Lyme disease and how it affected her and her family.  I admire her honesty in having to try to find a way to be better when there is no cure, and that she had to watch her two children also suffer must have been hard as a mother.  She also talks about the break down of her marriage that was happening at the same time, as well as her best friend who had motor neuron disease. 

On the whole I liked the book and was interested to read about the many treatments she sought out, although many were a bit woo woo for my liking, and I wonder at the cost of doing fancy treatments with specialists around the world, she was lucky to have the means to seek out and try so many options.  Like all memoirs, for me the highlights are always the stories about families and growing up and you can sense the immense love she has for her three beautiful children, her brother and her mother which to me, makes her more beautiful too.  3/5

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