Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Working Class Man - Jimmy Barnes

Jimmy Barnes is an Australian rocker and this is the second part of his biography, where he writes about his life in the band Cold Chisel and then working solo.  He wrote about his rough upbringing in Adelaide, in his first book Working Class Boy.  Now we get to join him as the band move to Sydney and try their luck in the pubs and venues across Australia.  Its pretty full of the rock and roll lifestyle - he sure had more than his share of drink, drugs and girls over the years.

I have to admit to skipping through parts - like all rock and roll memoirs there seem to be boring sections about meetings and production details that make me snore and lots of the names of people that mean nothing to me.  It was saved though by the stories about family and especially the love of this wife Jane and the kids.  Particularly touching too was the love he has for his two dogs - he has turned into an old softy. 3/5

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John Bellen said...

I think the trouble with many famous people is that they don't always lead interesting lives, or at least not very interesting. The parts you liked seem to be the sort that could be found in anyone's life-story - which is rather a nice thought.