Sunday, February 25, 2018

Middle Aged Lady Movie Night - The Mountain Between Us

Howdy friends.  It was a good night to tuck myself on the couch this  evening as the wind was howling outside and  Magic Mike XXL wasn't starting until much later (hahaha).   Now I like both the actors in this one.  Idris Elba is a bit of manly alright and Kate Winslet is always good to watch in my book.  In this one they are both stranded on a mountain top after a plane crash and have to survive and find their way back as a rescue seems unlikely.

I don't know - this one just didn't ring true for me.  When you've had a head injury and are worried about surviving (and haven't had a shower), the old side eye glance and romance would seem to be the last think on your mind at all.  It seems that getting off the mountain and not dying would be the most important thing you would be worrying about.  I just didn't believe it and felt somewhat disappointed in this wasted opportunity  of these two good actors working together.  2/5

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John Bellen said...

Yes, it does seem a bit unrealistic. I'm pretty sure staying alive would have been the only thing they would think of in real life.