Saturday, February 10, 2018

Phantom Thread

It was turning into a foggy afternoon in our city, so it was perfect for going to a movie.  I let my friend choose between this one and the Post - both dramas.  Still this one had a few good reviews I had heard of. 

Daniel Day Lewis plays an aging fashion designer in post war London who lives with his sister and is very set in his ways.  Designing beautiful gowns and dressing rich women is beginning to drag for him and while at a country restaurant sets his eyes on a young waitress.  There is quite a bit of resistance to this relationship, but gradually she slips into his life fitting in.  Then they reach the stage where they begin to annoy each other and manage to find a new but very strange way of co existing.

While beautiful to look at - the lovely building that houses the fashion house, the trim waists, the graceful outfits, the jewel colours of the rich fabrics I found the story a bit dull and slow moving.  Our impression as we left was that this movie was just plain odd.  2/5

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John Bellen said...

I understand that this will be Day Lewis's last movie. He's retired, at least until further notice.