Friday, March 02, 2018

I Found My Tribe - Ruth Fitzmaurice

I recently read the book written by Ruths husband Simon - Its Not Yet Dark and was blown away by the beauty of his book.  It shared about his journey with Motor Neurone Disease but was filled with the love for his wife and children as movement left his body and he was trapped in a wheelchair with a breathing tube.

Now in this small book his wife Ruth vividly pulls us into their world, filled with nurses and carers and that she escapes with her group of friends in their Tragic Wives Club by swimming on the wild Irish shores.  The solace she finds in spending times with these women helps to ease the tension that she often feels at home as her husband becomes more trapped by his disease.  Like his book her book exudes the love for him and the children, and it is this passion that just flows out from the first page to the last.

Such a joy and testament to the years they got to spend together. 5/5

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John Bellen said...

That's interesting to receive two versions of the same story like that.