Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Walking the Dog

Usually when I walk to and from walk and around town, I usually listen to podcasts.  I have just about exhausted my favorite Desert Island Discs, and so am often looking for more shows to listen too.  My new favorite is Walking the Dog.  Emily Deans goes on a walk with various UK celebrities, actors and comedians and they chat as they walk along, running into strangers and describing the countryside. I think the informal setting allows the interviewee to open up in a way that they don't seem to in other situations.  I have enjoyed listening to Russell Kane and Sarah Millican.  I usually listen on itunes, but found most of the latest podcasts on acast, which you can get to by pressing the Walking the Dog link above.

1 comment:

John Bellen said...

That's an interesting format for a talk-show. It does indeed sound informal.