Monday, March 12, 2018

Music Monday - Don't Dream It's Over - Neil Finn

An oldie but a goodie for this music Monday.  I love Neil Finn, and have been lucky enough to see him play live 6 times.  Sometimes you realize that you haven't listened to the songs for years and hear them on the radio or in the supermarket and it reminds you of the love you have for them and how it swings you back into a different time in your life.  This one always reminds me of living in London in the mid 90s and a couple of fun years living in Hamilton. 

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John Bellen said...

Recently, I bought a CD player with a tape-recorder built in. It's a new machine, so I don't know why it would have a tape-recorder with it, and it would be great if I could record CDs from the tape, but anyway... I was able to listen to tapes I made right off the radio - songs cut off by DJs, back reception, whatever; they were just many songs that I liked, from back when I would listen to top 40 stations, when the music was worth listening to. I could still sing along to most of them, even though I hadn't heard them for years. It's nice going back, isn't it?