Monday, February 13, 2012

127 Hours

127 Hours - DVD (2010)

I read the book when it came out.  The story of Aron Ralston is one that everybody knows.  Out enjoying the great outdoor, jumping around and exploring canyons in Utah in 2003, he slips and ends up with his arm trapped under a bolder. 

By himself, with nobody knowing where he was or due back, he realises that after several days that there is only one way to escape.  His arm, trapped for several days, has turned black and with a blunt knife, he amputates in order to be able to leave his rocky prison.

I am glad I didn't see this one at the cinema, as I would have been a bit wormy squirmy and wouldn't have been able to stand the last twenty minutes.  It was hard to watch in my living room.

Still it is an amazing story, one that the young daredevils should take notice of, but I am sure won't.  3/5

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