Friday, February 17, 2012

Wrapped Up In You - Carole Matthews

Wrapped Up In You - Carole Matthews (2011)

My book mountain is always threatening to bury me in my sleep (iti is perched on my bedside table), and this week with the edition of three DVDs and 70 programmes on my DVR I have felt a bit overwelmed by media.  So I still managed to be enticed by this one, which was just teasing me on the library bookshelves.

Janie is a hairdresser, who  after a failed relationship is wondering if her future is to be her and the cat on the couch forever.  After a client suggests a break away, she heads off to Safari - will she find true love, will she live forever with her cat?

Slightly predictable, like most chicky lit books, but still I enjoyed her writing and it did make me smile quite often.  A worthy 3/5

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