Friday, February 03, 2012

The Gendarme - Mark T. Mustian

The Gendarme -  Mark T. Mustian (2010)

Emmett Conn is diagnosed with a brain tumour, and along with the confusion he is beginning to have dreams.  Dreams of being a Turkish guard, on a forced death march of Armenians across Turkey to Syria.  He is both brutal and then disgusted with the treatment of the men, women and children in his care, and becomes protective of one beautiful young girl Ataxie, who he tries to protect.

In the daylight hours he has no memories of this past, instead only remembering his service in Gallipoli, where injured he was taken to the UK, where he met his wife to be, and they both went to the US.  There he finds himself an immigrant, where he suffers his own discrimination.  Then as his tumour progresses, he begins to question his past, and searches for answers.

I am so glad I picked up this book, I had a pile of seven reserves and should have read them first, but this book called to me, and I was glad to curl up in bed and read it.  4/5

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