Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Beautiful Ruins - Jess Walter

Beautiful Ruins - Jess Walter (2012)

The main story starts with an American actress, who believes she is dying arriving at a small coastal fishing village.  With one place to stay, the owner Pasquale becomes interested in what brings the young blonde woman to stay.

Then we get to hear from more of the characters, Michael the movie producer, Claire the production assistant,  a script writer, Richard Burton, Liz Taylor, an author, a German soldier.  All of their stories intercept as each has a connection , like a game of seven degrees of Kevin Bacon.

I liked the main couple of stories, however I did find towards the end that   I didn't really connect to most of them.  I just wanted to hear more about Dee the actress, and Pasquale the hotel owner.  For me, it feels like a 3/5.

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